Four Classic Items You Need For Your Survival Equipment Pack

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Whether you are a new scout or just a hardcore survivalist, you want to have everything you need in your survival training equipment pack. You may want to talk to a professional, like Urban Preparedness, to see what kinds of gear would work best for your needs. The best way to put together a pack is to buy pieces of equipment separately and put them in a very durable bag yourself. The following four items are classic survival tools that you may want to consider.

Small Shovel/Spade

A small shovel or spade has numerous uses. It helps you dig a hole for toileting in the wilderness, dig up grubs and roots that are edible, unearth truffles (if you live and camp in the right area), bury the embers of a campfire so you do not inadvertently start a forest fire, etc. Some have a telescoping handle so that you can use the shovel as a full-sized digging tool and then fold the handle back down again to store the shovel in your pack.

Flint and Steel Strike

Flint will help you set your tinder alight, which in turn builds a fire to keep you warm and cook food. To use the flint, you will need a steel strike, although a steel survival knife will also work. Most flints in camping and hunting equipment stores come with a steel strike, but if you do not have one with the flint you bought, they are sold separately.

Survival Knife

This can either be a regular hunting knife or a Swiss Army knife with multiple tools built in. The hunting knife can skin and clean any fish or game you catch, cut bark away from sticks and trees, etc., while the Swiss Army knife can be used as a fishing line, measurement tool, screwdriver, mini saw, etc. You could carry both if you want to, but most people prefer one over the other.

Reflective Tarp

A regular tarp is effective for keeping you dry and creating a tent space at night, but a reflective tarp is even better. A reflective tarp can be used to collect heat for added warmth or used to signal for help if you are really lost in the woods. Because a reflective tarp often has greater insular properties, it may also be used as an emergency blanket for injured people by keeping them warm and reducing shock until help can be found or help arrives. If you have a small box of sorts, the tarp can line the bottom of the box to create a solar cooker too.


Staying Safe While Camping

After I decided to take my husband camping in the wilderness, I realized that things were going to be challenging. He had never been camping before, and he was always a little nervous. However, when we were in the middle of the wilderness, I realized that there were a few things that we actually needed to worry about. I spotted a few wolfs in the distance, so I decided that we needed to board up in the truck for the night. All night long we were surrounded. After that experience, I worked hard to scout out better camping grounds and learn techniques to stay safe. On this blog, I will share some of my learned tips on camping.

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