Ten Important Things That Belong in Your Bug-Out Bag

Posted on: 14 September 2016

If you want to plan for an emergency, prepare a bug-out bag for each member of the family. It is important to keep these packs light while also including specific survival items that could come in handy later during a crisis or disaster. The time to prepare a bug-out bag is now, and not in the heat of panic during an emergency evacuation.

Ten things that belong in your bug-out bag are the following.

  1. A compass. If you are camping or making your way to a predetermined location, you will need a compass. Tuck one in your bag along with a decent map of the general region.  
  2. A knife. Pack a durable, stainless-steel knife in your pack in case you have to camp out or cut vegetation during a bug-out.
  3. Firestarter. You can buy a waterproof canister of matches for starting fires under adverse conditions or tuck a couple good lighters in your pack.
  4. Dry socks. Toss a dry pair of cotton socks or two in your bug-out bag in case your feet get wet during an evacuation. Wet feet can be more than just uncomfortable; they can quickly develop foot fungus.
  5. A bungee cord. Bungee cords come in handy for tying things down in case you need to build a make-shift shelter or do other survival tasks.
  6. A tarp. Buy a prepackaged tarp that is folded down into a small, lightweight square for your pack. These can be used for protection during inclement weather conditions.
  7. Bottled water. Pack a bottle or two of filtered or spring water to keep in your bug-out bag. There is no need to rotate these bottles if they are sealed, unopened, and kept in a cool, dry place.
  8. A flashlight. Make sure that you have a decent flashlight in your pack. Don't forget the batteries!
  9. First-aid kit. Put together a basic first-aid kit for your bug-out bag. Opt for simple, versatile things like bandages, tape, cotton swabs (which also make great Firestarter), and antiseptic cream.
  10. Some protein. Pack a few snack-size portions of high-protein snacks, like nuts, seeds, or granola bars in your bag.

Invest in durable but light-weight nylon or cotton packs to fill with these ten items and any other necessities that may pertain to your family, such as medications or pet supplies. The time to prepare a bug-out bag is before it is ever needed, and you should store these in a dry, cool place to which your family will have ready access during an emergency. 


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