Personalize Your Seasonal Camping Session

Posted on: 24 May 2021

If you haven't been camping in a while and have decided to rent space at an RV park this upcoming year, you may be motivated to learn about the environment and the activities that are offered. Add some personal effects to your camping site that will prompt you to spend time outdoors, and coordinate your plans to include participating in activities that are offered onsite. 

Amenities And An Outdoor Sitting Area

Choose an RV park. Inquire about the size of the camping sites and the amenities that are included with each one. A fire ring and electrical and water hookups may be offered with particular sites. 

Water and electric hookups will be necessary if you plan on using indoor and outdoor appliances or are going to be lighting up your campsite at night. If you want to create an outdoor sitting area that can be enjoyed both day and night, use a retractable awning to create a lean-to-style extension. An awning will increase your living space and provide plenty of shade and privacy when spending time outdoors.

A Portable Grilling Station

If your RV lacks a lot of kitchen space, set up a portable grilling station outdoors. The grilling station should be placed away from any flammable materials. Choose a location that will be within view of the sitting area that you created.

A metal cooking stand that contains multiple metal shelves can be used to elevate a portable grill and will supply enough room for spices, non-perishables, and cooking utensils that will be used while grilling. A pole base can be used to support a canopy. Use this type of covering only if you are confident that fabric and other flammable materials will not be within reach of an open flame.

Onsite Activities

If the RV park features a schedule of activities, complete an overview of what is offered and choose some events that will enrich your camping experience. A dinner social or a team sporting event will allow you to integrate with other campers.

Find out about the natural features that are located onsite and the regulations that campers must adhere to. There may be some marked hiking trails or a natural body of water that guests can access. These features may prompt you to go on a hike or to go boating and fishing. If the gear isn't sold or rented at the RV park, purchase gear in advance that will be needed during each planned activity.


Staying Safe While Camping

After I decided to take my husband camping in the wilderness, I realized that things were going to be challenging. He had never been camping before, and he was always a little nervous. However, when we were in the middle of the wilderness, I realized that there were a few things that we actually needed to worry about. I spotted a few wolfs in the distance, so I decided that we needed to board up in the truck for the night. All night long we were surrounded. After that experience, I worked hard to scout out better camping grounds and learn techniques to stay safe. On this blog, I will share some of my learned tips on camping.

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